About us

Our Vision

A world where people with spinal cord injuries and their families regardless of their resources and background live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

Our Mission

To improve the Quality of Life and Life Expectancy of people with spinal cord injures and their family members through peer taught carer training in developing nations.

How we do it

Our service is peer Personal Assistance (Carer) training. No other organisation is dedicated to improving quality of life and life expectancy through providing training and support to SCI care givers in developing nations.

Our Training combines; Health Care – tackling the problems of keeping the spinally injured person healthy and alive.┬áManual Handling – keeping everyone active and mobile in the easiest and safest way. Emotions – supporting participants with emotional issues that can become a challenge when caring for someone with a SCI.

Why our work is vital

In the UK a spinally injured individual has a normal life expectancy but the World Health Organisation estimate the life expectancy of a spinal cord injured person in a developing country is 2-3 years.

Research from the Christian Medical College, Vellore, India states that 78.9% of carers of people with SCI were psychologically distressed.

Vitality belives that Carers need to be given appropriate training and support so that the quality of life of the whole family and the life expectancy of their spinal cord injured family member will improve significantly.

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