Sustainable Training

Our training is sustainable, this means that once people are trained and we can train them to be trainers, so that when we leave Vitality’s work still continues.

This model is based upon previously successful models of wheelchair skills training in the UK and peer to peer training in Africa, Sri Lanka and elsewhere. It is designed to be appropriate to communities where resources are very limited.

Through on the ground research in Spinal Units, NGO’s and hospitals, Vitality identifies a group of carers to receive training. Many of these carers will be spouses and family members. Typically from a group of 6 trained carers, one or two will be suitable for further training as trainers themselves. If we train 6 carers, we directly improve Quality of Life (QOL) and life expectancy for 12 people. However, by training one or two carers who can train 6 new carers each, we build a sustainable network of carers and carer trainers.

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